Friday, August 9, 2013


Monday, April 8, 2013

An adorable kid

Jie Jie miss you Mei Mei!!!!

I miss this girl so much. Although she with me not more than 1 year. But she is so adorable. She is smart. Whatever we did, she will try to act like us. She even know how to dance when music is on! Because of her, I listen back a lots of kids songs. The kids songs are nice to hear also. She like to go playground. She like to eat. FEI MUI ZAI!! =) Whenever with her, I only could feel happiness. That's the kids' power. I remember her last day in my house, I was attending an Anugerah for SPM. I was try to rush back home, but when I reached home, she was gone. Some more her car just in front of me. I got no chance to say goodbye. 


Hope to see you soon again. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

SPM result day

SPM result day. Before this day, my heart filled with nervous, my mind filled with worried. Even a minute before I knew my result, I was scared. As I meet my teacher, she told us this year BM pass percentages is dropped and only 7 people get A for Chinese. This two subjects are my weekness. When we went in the hall, teachers are arranging our result. Our first thought, can we steal it? =) Maybe we are too nervous about it. We're waiting, we're talking, we're laughing, but we knew we were nervous all the time. As usual teacher will announce those who get 8As above. But this year quite different, because teacher will calling 8As first. So, when teacher is calling straight As students, my name was called. Thank God!! When I walk to the stage, I heard some teacher say congratz to me. Principal told me how excited she was. Once I stepped on the stage, I start to talking. I'm looking at my mum, she was excited too. How cute she is. haha. Actually, after I get my result slip, I was quite blur. Many people asking, and congratulation. My school's editorial board had done an interview with me. I felt so sorry because can't really answer their question. My weekness still the languages subjects. Finishing all those things, we went to Pavilion for movie and lunch. We used to go to Sushi Zanmai! 

I hope taking result slip is not an end for our friendship. I knew we might not always together like the life in secondary school. We might not have same topics because we have out own school life. We might not have same teacher. But I hope our friendship won't change. 

I really love when they care about me. Thanks for the one who called my mum n me to knew my result. Thanks for caring. I love my teachers. They gave the best for me. No matter is school teachers or tuition teachers, I want to say THANKYOU to them. But I have no chance to tell some teacher. Some I forgot to tell. OMG, forgive my reckless

Here is the pictures on that day. 

I'm lost for my future. 
Like a kid lost her toys.
 Like an adventurer lost his map. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

1st of March

SPM's result will be released soon! 20th of March is the date. OMG! When I get this news from Twitter, I was shocked! I'm so worried now. What I have to do is waiting.  *Pray hard*

RT 'Totally preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm a superstitious person sometimes. After cny, I could feel bad luck had came to me. But we must be more positive. Once you think you might be bad luck over the year, it may come true. So, should think positively.

-.- I become fatter n fatter. I long time didn't do some sports. I really miss those day I can do some sport at school anytime. Especially first semester, I will have some training for my basketball, run here run there. That's so much fun for me. NOW I always eat, sleep. Sometimes, I really want to do some exercise nearby my house but no people want to accompany me. I miss my teammates now. I like swimming, but seems KL do not have much public swimming pool. What?! That"s my great reason of become fatter.

Anyway, this is just my excuses. I'm saying nonsense.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



I want be a better me. Every year I wish I can be better. I'm growing up.

What am I doing now? 
NO working because I'm waiting for my P licence. Why not working? As my mum advices me that it's better not to work at this time if not I have to take leave to learn driving. This might make me very tired. Everyday stay at home waiting. I hope I can get my licence soon! I have learnt my forth lesson. Lesson is completed. But still need to wait for more than two weeks or even more. I wonder why only Monday can test? WHY!! The second reason for not to work is I need plenty of holiday for my CNY. I have to go back two kampung.   I heard my friends who work only have two days holidays? No way! No one at KL. No transportation. A lots of reason here. But I really want to work. After CNY must find a job. I wish I can do those busy work instead of a long-day stand promoter. CHATIME? 

Driving a car? A manual car.

RT "Press clutch, change gear, slowly release, press a bit of gas... SIGHH.. Easier said than done. :\
This is what I feel exactly. 8 hours have went through all those things. So I think I can drive well now. But still feel very nervous when driving. The most scaring thing is traffic jam! I have to keep on release clutch, control the clutch, brake.. My bro tell me nothing to be afraid because we're the one who control the car. The car is not a living things but a machine. Thank for the invention of the auto car. When I get my licence I think I will cry. As I have used many time to get a licence. From listen Undang, Undang test, Amali, 8 hours of driving lesson... So I'm waiting for the test! Maybe have to add 1 more lesson before test. 

These few days can't really sleep well. What happen? 


Our lovely teacher's retirement. Pn. Ooi, our form 5 class teacher. We went back to school to attend her retirement. Teacher, we love you.

I have the experience of finding job! After school, sinyan, mandee and I were went to Pavilion to find job. "Any part time job vacancy here?" Actually, I was accompanied them only, I won't work at Pavilion because it's too far from my house. I have to take ktm to KL Sentral, take LRT to KLCC and walk around 20 minntes to there. At least 1 hour from my house. If I really work there, I'll be killed by tiredness. Btw, I hav learnt how to find a job. yeah! xD

She can make everyone laugh.

I miss my friends and teachers.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Secondary school life ended.

I had said goodbye to SPM2012. Hope can get a good result on MARCH 2013. 

My secondary school life is ended officially. I never think of today came so earlier. Time fly. I have grow up. I need a job. As what my friends say, we are officially unemployed. How to find a job? This is a question mark. Seriously, I only work for few hour. I'm not having an official job before. So, it's a great time for me to practise how to serve this world. Honestly, I'm fear to talk with stranger. Never mind, something new is came to me soon. 
Secondly, I must do my driving lesson on this year. Wow, I can drive soon! But, I don't think driving is nice as what I thought when I was a kid. It has to be more careful. Drive safe! 
I miss my friends.My lovely classmates, I miss you guys. We cannot stick together like last time. We tuition, eating, playing, learning, laughing, studying, chit chatting, stalking or even crying together. Friends, don't make me cry again. We will meet again. Sometimes, words cannot express what I feel for them. I hope we are BFF. yeah! The pictures become memories. They make my secondary school life become more colourful. Thank you for their caring, love and sacrifice. I love you guys!

My dirty shoes.

This year last uniform picture.
My life is changed.